56:25 1643 views
Eric Muntz, VP of Product - MailChimp
More than 9 million people and businesses around the world use MailChimp. Eric Muntz the Vice President of Product talks through his...
01:12 113 views
Joe Pulizzi on the challenge of content strategy
Joe is a content influencer and he talks about the challenges of creating content that can cut through all the noise and clutter to reach...
01:16 71 views
Martijn Scheijbeler - The Next web
With video you can be much morepersonal as a company. Martijn is the Director of Marketing at Next Web and for him video makes it easier...
03:41 925 views
Post-interview magic with Jeff Bullas
Jeff is a blogger, writer, strategist and speaker. He is working to optimize and promote content and channels of various companies and...

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28:53 502 views
The Future of Digital Marketing - Bob Egner from EPiServer
Bob Egner, VP of product management, shares EPiServer's vision of how his team will shape tomorrow's solutions for digital communication....
05:59 189 views
Learn how we are using TwentyThree for our marketing strategy
Maria Salgado, Head of Online at TwentyThree will tell you more how we are using the video marketing platform for lead generation,...
32:39 445 views
Joakim Christoffersson, UX/UI Design Specialist - Volvo
In 2017, Volvo will be the first car manufacturer to put real users in self-driving cars on public roads. Joakim is the lead designer for...